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Lockdown - No One No Where - You'll Never See Boston Like This

May, 2020

Boston is in near total lock-down. People aren't driving. There is no congestion, there are very few cars. The last time the City of Boston was totally shut down was during the Blizzard of '78. That lasted for a week.

During the shutdown, most who normally drive into Boston for any reason will not bother driving here now since there is nothing to do, like work, dine, be entertained within.

So this is what's its been since mid-March, 2020.

This Charles Street and Route 28 Northbound just past Mass Eye and Ear is always busy, congested, aggravating. You will never experience it like this - empty. During maximum traffic time (7 am to 7 pm) cars drivers are aggressively moving between lanes to maximize their position for 93 North and South Expressway/Logan airport, 28 North, Martha Road to North Station, and Beyond. Don't forget, lanes merge. Often with no warning

Longwood and Binney with Beth Israel at your left, Children's Hospital coming up on your right and Harvard Medical School ahead. Usually a congested mess pedestrians flocking everywhere including the streets regardless of car, truck, ambulance traffic.

On Mass Ave at Harvard Square. You will never see no one here.

Fenway Park, Lansdowne Street. April 23rd, 2020. 12:15 pm. The Red Sox would be playing the Blue Jays today. Lansdowne would be mobbed.

Mass Ave. and Vassar Street, just past MIT. Probably the only time in which a fatal collision between a car and a scooter would not take place, even though it still could.

North Station. No commuters, no Bruins or Celtics, no people.

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