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No Right Turn on Red

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

According to well known Department of Energy documents "...during the 1973 Oil Crisis and the 1979 Energy Crisis.....the heightened cost of fuel coupled with the tough economic climate made citizens more aware of their energy usage on a national level. Policies like this one ('go ahead, turn right on Red') became more popular throughout the country." This is old news. However.......

Can you ever turn Right on Red in Boston? Almost never! It is difficult to extract the answer from the Internet or City of Boston, but I estimate that Turning Right on Red is prohibited at 90% of all Boston intersections. Same goes for Cambridge and others towns and cities adjacent to Boston.

However, you have to pay attention!! Because every now and then you will be at an intersection where you CAN Turn Right on Red!

One of the many things that will trigger a local driver is the car in front of you that CAN TURN RIGHT BUT DOESN'T. And it doesn't matter if you are in the passenger seat or behind the wheel, Angst and audible expressions will follow.

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