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The Jamaciaway

Most likely designed for horse drawn carriages prior to 1900, it should be clear to novice and experienced drivers that Jamaciaway was never intended to safely accommodate automobiles designed after 1945 There are conditions that make the Jamaciaway particularly unsafe, dangerous: Whenever all four lanes have traffic, snow and snow storms, nighttime especially rainy ones. Pretty much anytime.

Evidence that the Jamaciaway has been the witness to and source of numerous accidents is provided by the damaged trees that surround both sides the road.

It is also obvious that there is no room for error. This would not be the time to change radio stations, text, taking pictures of damaged trees all along the Jamaciaway or doing anything other than avoiding hitting anther car or object. I don't like the Jamaciaway. In fact I hate it. But using it often cannot be avoided. I curse the people who never fixed this horrible but scenic roadway. When driving the Jamaciaway, you should be nervous; there's always the other guy who isn't.

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